Joint international workshop of the EU projects Challenge, Reaction and WInSiC4AP

On November 19th, 2020 the CHALLENGE project organizes the International workshop SiCE-2020Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the workshop is organized online in the framework of the AEIT-AUTOMOTIVE 2020 conference. 

AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020 is the 5th edition of the AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive. The event presents and discusses the most recent results of scientific and technological research for the automotive industry, with particular emphasis on applications and new trends. AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020 will bring together Electrical and Electronic specialists, Mechanical and Systems Engineers, and the Information and Communication Technology specialists.  

SICE 2020 

The event will be a scientific forum bringing together leading specialists working in different areas of silicon carbide (SiC) technology, both from universities, research centres and industries. The workshop will address advances in both basic research, as well as SiC devices and applications in the field of power electronics. In particular, the workshop aims to debate the latest achievements in SiC wafers growth, devices processing and applications, and to analyse their impact on the goals of the industry towards the development and commercialization of devices, modules and production equipment for several applications (automotive, railways transportation, avionics, renewable energies, etc.). 

The workshop is organized in the framework of three running European projects on SiC (ChallengeReaction and WInSiC4AP). This unique feature will enable the interaction between different EU funded projects, working on complementary aspects of SiC technology, thus being an efficient driving force for the further development of SiC research in Europe. 

 The programme of the event is organized around 3 main sessions, which will allow delving into key research aspects of the SiC technology: 

- Session on Materials – Chair by Fabrizio Roccaforte (CNR – IMM) 

- Session on Devices and processing - Chair by Susanna Reggiani (UniBo) 

- Session on Reliability and Applications – Chairs by Antonio Imbruglia, Angelo Messina STMicroelectronics) 

 You can register here at the conference and watch the SICE-2020 recordings on CHALLENGE website.